Don’t you know…? Is the end of the world

Carissa's world

Dave: Of course you need all these things! You need someone to tell you that you’re beautiful, you need someone to show you he really means it…

Me: To show me…how?

Dave: How do you imagine? 

Me: I imagine Ryan holding me tight and kissing me. I imagine him wanting me. I would feel beautiful, I would feel loved…I would be less lonely…

 Dave: Tell me about this loneliness you’re feeling inside.

Me: It makes me feel ill, weak, vulnerable. I’m not blaming him, maybe he’s lonelier than I am…but it’s killing me inside. I wanna tell you something, a fragment from my history with Daniele, so you’d know what I mean…

“She took his hand, making a pirouette in front of him. The dress felt so light and airy on her body and she loved the sensation. Her hair let loose and she stopped in his arms.

-Do you…

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