Please love me or I’ll be gone…

Carissa's world

“3 days before the wedding, early in the morning, in the church

-I can’t understand why do you need to talk to my fiancee in private! She already signed the damn paper! Here, it’s written clearly that she’s marrying me willingly! Right sweetie? (she nodded) It’s getting frustrating and absurd! And I’m late from an important business meeting! So…let me take her home and you can talk to her all you want after the wedding!

The old priest smiled. She was looking down, but she could feel his eyes studying her expression, reading her heart and soul. With a calm voice, the priest spoke in a very firm tone.

-Matteo, that’s your name, right? I saw that she signed…she did it in front of me. Still, I didn’t heard her voice. I wanna talk to her so I’d be convinced that this marriage is truly what she wants. Alright? Other…

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