Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday To Me! I’m turning 55

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Happy mothers day






In honor of my 55th birthday upcoming on Mother’s day May 10th, I am offering buy 10 lessons and get two free lessons. If you purchase the 10 lesson package deal I will add 2 free hours of my time. Must purchase by no later than the end of the day on May 10th, 2015. Here is our store for virtual coaching.

I have to pay KeyBank to manage all credit cards for no fraud worldwide. You are paying less than $40.00 per lesson, not including the keybank cost. This is a really good deal, and you can bank you lessons use, when you want to around my schedule per other students.

We have 1 mammoth donkey, 3 mini donkeys, 2 rescue standard size donkeys and 2 horses mares athletic, 8 is enough.
 Select OUR STORE to sign up for lessons.




GOD bless you and your family…

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