Everyone Needs A Rainbow of Colour In Their Lives.

An Unexpected Life Chosen

Colours are an integral part of life, they’re everywhere. Our world is filled with an abundance of natural colour; from the ever changing blue of the sky to the green of mother earth’s foliage, literally every colour of the rainbow is displayed, and then some.

Flowers bloom in almost every shade, birds have exotic plumage, and we, as humans gravitate to certain items of clothing because of its colouring, but we don’t actually stop to think, how these bright hues or pastel colours might be assisting us in our lives.

Something as simple as the colour of your nail polish or the pattern of your tie can have impact on your day-to-day life, and to help you make informed selections, with regards to your clothing, home environment and the moods of other people, I’ve listed our most-used colours, defining their natural qualities, both positive and negative.

Rainbow Earth

Red – Energy, danger…

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