So You Want to Publish A Book? Part 1: Determining Your Motivation

Little Pieces

With the release of my first book, Candy Pizza: Poetry that’s Fun and Healthy, I thought it would be helpful to write a couple of blog posts about my experience with self-publishing for those of my readers who are in a similar boat. (Note: This is also partially because yesterday was the first day in a year that I didn’t write a poem and already I’m jonesing to get back in the writing saddle.)

So you have something you’d like to publish: a novel or a collection of poems or stories that you’ve written and you love and you want to share with the world. Awesome! But before you start on any kind of publishing journey, you have some serious thinking to do. You’ll need to dig down deep and determine your exact reasons for wanting to publish, and figure out your true motivations and expectations. This is important…

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