~My Mantra~



Life chose me

So I have to live it well

I was born to win

So I have to finish the race

I was made in His likeness

So nothing will make me feel less

I am not going to dwell

On resentments and regrets

I am not going to fail Him

I will keep my faith

I’ve been through a lot

None could say this life is perfect

I stumbled  and bleed

Yet He heals me slowly and loves me deeply

Scars remain… to carry memories

But tears will never be the same

Not the same old stream

Anywhere I go

He will be there with arms wide open

It is in moments like these

That God increases our strength

“To those who feel weak… God will give you power and increase your strength”

Hold on to Him

Hold on to life

Life chose me

I will live it…

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