I ran away yesterday

Faith, Sigh, and DIY

Did you ever run away when you were a kid?

My mom said I never did.

There is an old Southern saying, “If you don’t crawl before you walk, you’ll crawl before you die.”


I think that’s another way of saying, we’re meant to experience phases of development during specific stages of life. To experience them at inappropriate times can prove harmful.

Well, I guess I’m delayed.

Because yesterday was the first time i ran away from home. And it was my own home!

runnong away

The stress of the last few months and more importantly the continuing pain from recent surgery finally wore me out. If I stayed home, I would keep working so I needed to run away.

I’d been staining our deck and got to within twenty minutes of finishing but just couldn’t stain one more board. I put everything away, packed my clothes and was out the door…

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One thought on “I ran away yesterday

  1. Thank you for the share.. Yes I wanted to run away from home.. I didn’t but my sister did.. ( she was found safe and sound thankfully) .. Stress and Pain I can whole-heartedly agree we all at times need to run away from. Thank you for the share. Enjoy your weekend. Sue

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