I was diagnosed of Hodgkin’s lymphoma…

Announcement! ON TUESDAY
Our friend
very interesting story, our friend, ~~Quirky~
“I am not like anyone else in the world, I have my own principles and beliefs in life, I do not go with the pop culture but I like to blend with the alternatives. I have a mind of its own … yes I have my own opinions about an issue but most of my opinions are kept from the public. I got a unique character, because no two persons are alike, I believe in the uniqueness of each person and respect is the greatest gift you can give to everyone. I am dependent independent or vice versa. I can go alone, I can also go with a pack. I am specifically made to give out light, I can be a candle, I can light the world, or I can go destructive and burn, however, despite all the trials I have been through …..; I have won a lot of battles specially cancer; I may fall but I know how to bounce back from every fall. And this is my story. I’ll see you on Monday !
With love maxima


One thought on “I was diagnosed of Hodgkin’s lymphoma…

  1. ohhh thank you so much stefan… 🙂 well it was October 2012 that I was experiencing all the symptoms… so this month for me will always be a month worth remembering 🙂 thank you for your kindness 🙂

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