Poor John gains another convert

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Walking with clasped hands Daughter, Libby, and Poor John—walking the walk as they go into the Versailles

Regular visitors to this blog will know that Poor John has a tendency to walk with his hands clasped behind his back.

After years of watching him do this, I have concluded that the condition is both genetic and catching.

There is plenty of photographic evidence already on this blog. His daughters do it, his siblings do it, friends do it, sometimes I even do it. People even send me pics of other, unknown, people doing it.

But we had an especially amusing episode the other day at Waterloo in Belgium.

We were there with Jean-Mi (our very first exchange student), his partner, Sali, and their two-year-old son, Samuel. Ah, two years old, you say. Yes, two-year-olds have some very definite ideas about how the world is supposed to operate around them.

On this day, hands behind the…

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