Nudi Series & Quiz: Chromodoris (1)

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Marine Life mediumThe 13th edition of Marine Life monthly post is sponsored by Dive InspireDive Inspire offers unique products inspired by the beautiful and colorful marine life from our oceans. You can win one of their products if you can answer the quiz correctly. Trust me, you don’t have to be a marine biologist to join the quiz. Let’s get to know the nudibranch and grab the gifts!

Nudi is a nick name for the Nudibranch. You may think it is related to naked, yes, it is! Nudibranch means “naked gill”. It is an invertebrate animal from the molluscs group that can be found anywhere in the oceans. They are more diverse in tropical seawater like in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. There are more than 100 groups of Nudibranch; and Chromodoris is one of the more popular ones because it has a large number of species. Chromodoris is also called Goniobranchus.

Chromodoris has…

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