What Was I Thinking? XXIX

Joseyphina's World


Adam, helping himself to some peanuts, sat up when there was an announcement on TV about an accident on the highway. He narrowed his eyes.
“It looks like Emily’s….Oh no.” He picked his phone and called Emily’s number. It went straight to her voicemail. He tried Karen’s number next.
“Adam…sorry, this is not really a good time. Can I call you back?”
“Where is Emily?”
“Adam, she had an accident.”
“So it’s her car I’m seeing on TV.”
“It’s on TV? Then it must have been horrible. I’m on my way to the hospital.”
“Which one? I’m coming there.”
“No, no, no; don’t, Adam. It’s a bad idea. Fitz is on his way there. It would be awkward for him to find you there.”
“Okay but could you update me on her condition when you get there?”
“Will do that. Thanks for your concern. Got to go. Bye.” The line…

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