Let’s decorate the Christmas Tree

Learn Polymer Clay

Free polymer clay tutorial by Mihaela Georgescu / Beads Academy

Hello dear friends!

I must tell you that Thionville (the town in which  I live in France) is very beautiful with so many decorations and Christmas trees everywhere. I am a child at heart so I enjoy this time of the year – the Christmas carols, the glitter and the idea that in these moments we are more generous (we give presents, we smile more, we care for others and we do more charity). So it is a beautiful moment.

Time to feel grateful also. And I am grateful for:

  • my family – meaning my husband, my son, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends from all over the world
  • for the wonderful people I met in Thionville
  • for taking painting classes
  • for teaching polymer clay jewelry making classes to Pastorale des Emigrants de Thionville (and I have students from all over the world – Bangladesh, China, Kossovo, Armenia, Hungary, France…

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