I Love My Pets, But Still Eat Meat. What’s Wrong with That?

Our Compass

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Source Free From Harm
By Robert Grillo

Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “I love my pets, but still eat meat. What’s wrong with that?” or “There’s nothing wrong with that!” So what is wrong with differentiating the animals we claim to love from the ones we stick forks into because we like the way they taste?

Our culturally-engrained assumptions
The statement or question itself reveals a lifetime of cultural conditioning that promotes the view of chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs as worthy of a far inferior standard of treatment and use when compared with our companion animals, as if raising and eating farmed animals were a foregone conclusion rather than a conscious, daily choice. But anyone who claims to give farmed animals even the slightest moral consideration must first admit that we are all products of this cultural conditioning which perpetuates the myth that they are worth…

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