We found the bone, sort of

Where to next?

Two dogs roughhousing Indi and a very clean Scout roughhousing

Remember the whodunit at my house a couple of weeks ago? Two dogs and a missing leg of lamb—bone and all.

Indi and Scout were the obvious culprits, and now we know where the bone ended up.

Here’s how the discovery came about.

Scout and his mum, Caroline, came for dinner last night (we minded him while Caroline was on holiday.) Soon after they arrived, Caroline said Scout had spent the previous morning at the vet’s.

He was suffering from a severely impacted bowel.

Two dogs playing Indi demonstrates her upside-down sit

The vet said it was the worst case he’d ever seen, she said. He gave him a laxative on Friday, but that did nothing, so back we went on Saturday. So the vet took an x-ray to see what was going on. You should have seen the x-ray! The blockage was huge. And what…

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