Close My Eyes and I’m There

Easter Ellen

Rainbows and popsicles
Sugar and spice
Butterfly days
That are pretty and nice

I’m a princess with ribbons
Taffeta and lace
Play make-up, hair ties
On my cute, freckled face

Mommy’s clothes – I’m a damsel
Daddy’s boots for the dragon
A horse-drawn carriage made from
My little red wagon

Straws for my fairy wand
Cut paper as snow
My puppy the tiger
That protects as I go

A prince in my future
But he’s so far away
I’m so busy with cut outs
So busy with play

Curled up on my blankets
Reading my books
Of adventures and piglets
Of angels and crooks

Ever lost in my thoughts
Ever in my sweet dream,
A song in my head
As I sing by the stream

Lazy long days
There’s so much to do
Pencils and crayons
A picture for you

A poem for my Mommy
A story for Dad

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