About Maxima

Maxima is a pseudonym I've been using to authenticate my work. I’m a writer, poet, literary critic, and author of several booksIn addition , poetry as a basic form of literary creation ,writes short stories , aphorisms , literary criticism . ( Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face )( Between Shadows ) Poems written by Maxima have been translated into: English, French and Spanish As hobbies, I have a passion for photography and creating meaningful videos. In this site you will likewise see showcase my video creativity. Thank you for dropping by! Feel free to follow; feel free to comeback! With love Maxima

A Country Road Snow Study, acrylic

Oil Pastels by Mary

We are so lucky to be living in a day where anything we need to grow as an artist can be found on the web.  The information is out there, it’s a matter of taking time to sort through the noise to find what’s best for our personal artistic needs.  In my case recently it’s gathering information on mixing snow colors, building layers of acrylic paints to give a scene depth, getting good values, color harmony, and achieving atmospheres that I envision for my work.

A Country Road Snow Study, is an acrylic painting (8×10) painted on a gesso-prepared board.  This painting is based on a youtube video that I saw done by artist Michael Pickett at http://www.pickettonline.com (A Country Road Snow Scene).  I’m not going to rate his video or painting, rather say that I picked up a few things like:  using layers of paint to build…

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